State Wise List of Dams in India pdf, Oldest, Highest & Longest Dams, Top MCQs

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In this article, you will get state wise list of dams in India pdf. This is very important from the examination point of view.

Dams in India With Corresponding Rivers

In the following section, you will get a list of important dams along with the rivers on which they are located. Let’s go:

List of dams in Rajasthan

  1. RanapratapSagar Dam (Chambal River).
  2. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam (Mahi River).
  3. Bisalpur Dam (Banas River).

List of dams in Andhra Pradesh

  1. Srisailam Dam(Krishna River).
  2. Somasila Dam (Penna River).
  3. Prakasam Barrage (Krishna River).
  4. Guntur Tatipudi Reservoir(River Gosthani).
  5. Vizianagaram Gandipalem Reservoir (River Penner).
  6. Ramagundam dam (Godavari).
  7. Dummaguden Dam (river Godavari).

List of dams in Telangana

  1. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (Krishna river).
  2. Sri Ram Sagar (River Godavari)
  3. Nizam Sagar Dam (Manjira River).
  4. Dindi Reservoir (River Krishna), at Dindi.
  5. Lower Manair Dam (Manair River).
  6. Singur Dam (river Manjira).

List of dams in Bihar

  1. Kohira Dam (Kohira River).
  2. Nagi Dam (Nagi River).

List of dams in Chhattisgarh

  1. Hasdeo Bango Dam (Hasdeo River).

List of dams in Gujarat

  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam(Narmada river).
  2. Ukai Dam(Tapti River).
  3. Kadana Dam( Mahi River).
  4. Karjan Reservoir (Karjan river).

List of dams in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Bhakra Dam (Sutlej River).
  2. The Pong Dam (Beas River ).
  3. The Chamera Dam (River Ravi).

List of dams in Jammu Kashmir

  1. Salal Dam (Chenab River).
  2. Baglihar Dam (Chenab River).

List of dams in Jharkhand

  1. Maithon Dam (Barakar River).
  2. Panchet Dam (Damodar River).
  3. Tenughat Dam (Damodar River).

List of dams in Karnataka

  1. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam (Kaveri river).
  2. Tungabhadra Dam (Tungabhadra River).
  3. Bhadra Dam (Bhadra River).
  4. Linganamakki dam (Sharavathi river).
  5. Malaprabha dam (Malaprabha river).
  6. Raja Lakhamagouda dam (Ghataprabha River).
  7. Hemavathy Dam (river Hemavathy).
  8. Supa Dam (Kali river).
  9. Lakya Dam (river Lakhya).
  10. Almatti Dam (Krishna River).

List of dams in Kerala

  • Kakki Reservoir (Pamba River).
  • The Idukki Dam (Periyar River)
  • Cheruthoni Dam (Periyar River)
  • Kulamavu Dam (Periyar river)
  • Idamalayar Dam (Idamalayar River)

List of dams in Madhya Pradesh

  • Gandhi Sagar Dam(Chambal River)
  • Tawa Reservoir(Tawa Reservoir)
  • Indira Sagar Dam(Narmada River)

List of dams in Maharashtra

  • Koyna Dam(Koyna River)
  • Jayakwadi Dam (Godavari River)
  • Isapur Dam (Penganga river)
  • Totladoh dam (Pench river)
  • Warna Dam (Warna River)
  • Bhatsa Dam (Bhatsa river)

List of dams in Odisha

  • Hirakud Dam (Mahanadi River)
  • Rengali Dam(Brahmani River)
  • Indravati Dam(Indravati River)
  • The Jalaput Dam(Machkund River)
  • Mandira dam(Sankh river)

List of dams in Punjab

  • The Ranjit Sagar Dam (Ravi River)

List of dams in Tamil Nadu

  • Mettur Dam (river Cauvery)
  • Solaiyar Dam
  • Bhavanisagar Dam (Bhavani river)

List of dams in Uttarakhand

  • Ramganga Dam (Ramganga River)
  • Jamrani Dam(Gola River)
  • The Tehri Dam(Bhagirathi River)

List of dams in Uttar Pradesh

  • Rihand Dam or GovindBallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand River)
  • Matatila Dam (River Betwa)
  • The Rajghat Dam (Betwa River)

List of dams in West Bengal

  • The Mukutmanipur Dam (Kansabati River)

So, this was the state wise list of dams in India pdf. Share this article with your friends.

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