[pdf] History of Jammu Kashmir, All Details and Top MCQs

This section contains important details and top MCQs on history of Jammu Kashmir. Solve these important MCQs to check and enhance your level of preparation for competitive exams.

History of Kashmir Region

Before going into the history of Kashmir region, let us look at its important sources.

Sources of Kashmir History

There are many sources of history of Kashmir. They are listed below;

1, Nilamat Purana: It is the earliest known historical text of Kashmir. Written by Sage Nila, the lord of Kashmir Nagas, it throws light on the Pre-Rajatrangno era of KAshmir.

According to this text, Kashmir valley was originally a huge lake called Satisar, which was inhabited by a demon called Jalod Bawa.

The inhabitants of the valley had to suffer a lot on his hands, and hearing about it, a saint named Kashyap Reshi came to their rescue.

He cut a mountain near Varahmulla, and the Satisar got drained and the demon was killed.

It is owing to this reason that people called Kashmir as Kashyap Mar and Kasyap pura.

2, Rajatrangni: This has been written by Kalhana Pandit in 1149-50 AD (Originally written in Sanskrit & Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin got it translated into Persian by Mulla Ahamad). Kalhana is considered as the first historian of Kashmir.

The Rajatrangni mean the “river of Kings”, and it has recorded the kings from the epic era of Mahabharat to the reign of Sangrama Deva.

3, Hara Charitachintamani: Written by Jayadrath, it provides information about the saced sites of Kashmir.

4, Twarikh-I-Kashmir: it has been written by Malik Haider, who was a courtier in the court of Yusuf Shah Chak.

It has recorded the history of Kashmir from earliest time to 1617 AD.

5, Samayatrika of Kshemendra gives the topographical details of Kashmir.

6, Kitab-ul-Hind of Alberuni.

7, Waquat-I-Kashmir by Khawaja Mohammad Azam Kaul in 1748.

8, Tarikh-I-Hassan by Pir Hassan Shah. It is considered as the most comprehensive and most detailed of all the indigenous Persian works on Kashmir History.

9, Mukhtsar-Tarikh-I-Kashmir by Pandit Birbal Kachru in 1835.

10, Zafar Nama by Sharif-ud-Din-Yazdi. It gives us glimpses of the relation between Sultan Sikander of Kashmir and Timur.

11, The valley of Kashmir by Sir Walter Lawerence.

12, Tarikh-I-Hind by Alberuni.

13, Travel account of Huen-Tasng. Al-Masudi, Al-Qazwini, Ou-Kong etc.

History of Kashmir

Accprding to Nilmat Purana, the Nagas were the early inhabitants of Kashmir. They worshipped serpents and their celebrated king was Nila.

Coming to Kalhana’s Rajatrangni, he mentions Gonanda 1 as the first king recorded by him.

According to him, Gonanda 1 came to the throne in 653 Kali, which is roughly 3000 BC. He was killed while fighting a war for his relative Jarasand against Krishna at Mathura.

Gonanda 1 was succeeded by his son Dhamodar,

Quiz On History Of Jammu Kashmir

In the section given below, you will get some top MCQs on the history of Jammu Kashmir. Solve them to enhance your level of preparation for various competitive exams.

The battle of Hydaspes fought between Alexander and Porus was fought on the banks of:

  1. Jehlum
  2. Chenab
  3. Ravi
  4. Beas


Who has written Rajtarangni?

  1. Kalhana
  2. Lalitaditya
  3. Jaluka
  4. Ashoka


Srinagar was founded by:

  1. Ashoka
  2. Jehangir
  3. Jaluka
  4. Ajatshatru


The Greeks referred to Kashmir as:

  1. Kashyap MAr
  2. Kashyap Pura
  3. Kasperia
  4. Kashi Mi Lo


The first king of Kashmir according to Rajatarngni was:

  1. Meghavahana
  2. Pravarasena1
  3. Gonanda 1
  4. Lalitaditya

Gonanda 1

Pravarsena belonged to which of the following dynasties:

  1. Karkota dynasty
  2. Gonanda dynasty
  3. Utpala dynasty
  4. Lohara dynasty

Gonanda dynasty

Who was the founder of Lohara Dynasty?

  1. Jaisimha
  2. Bhoja
  3. Harsha
  4. Sangram Raj

Sangram Raj

Shah Mir ruled under the title of:

  1. Sultan Shihab ud din
  2. Sultan Shams ud din
  3. Sultan Zain ul Abideen
  4. Sultan Zilli ilaahi

Sultan Shams ud din

Which among the following is not true about “Rinchan”?

  1. He was the first muslim ruler of KAshmir
  2. He was actually a Ladakhi prince.
  3. He accepted Islam and changed his name to Sultan Shihab Ud Din.
  4. The founder of Shah Miri Dynasty, Shah Mir was his minister.

“he accepted ISlam and changed his name to Sultan Shihab Ud Din” is a wrong statement. He after accepting Islam changed his name to Sultan Sadruddin.

Who was the last Hindu ruler of Kashmir?

  1. Udayanadeva
  2. Bhoja
  3. Vanitadeva
  4. Kshena Gupta


Who founded Chak Dynasty?

  1. Yusuf Shah Chak
  2. Yaqub Shah Chak
  3. Mohammad Ghazi Shah Chak
  4. Ali Shah Chak

Mohammad Ghazi Shah Chak.

Which of the following Mughal rulers conquered Kashmir from Chak Dynasty?

  1. Akbar
  2. Jehangir
  3. Humayun
  4. Babar


The Mughals remained in power in Kashmir from:

  1. 1587 to 1752
  2. 1587 to 1762
  3. 1578 to 1752
  4. 1578 to 1762

1587 to 1752

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