OSS Full Form, What is the Full Form of OSS

In this section, we will look at OSS full form used in different industries. OSS is a very common term used in different fields and Let’s look look at its full forms one by one.

TermFull FormCategory
OSSOperations Support SystemsInformation and Communication
OSSOpen Source SoftwareInformation and Communication
OSSOperating System SoftwareInformation and Communication
OSSOpera Schedule ServerEntertainment
OSSOptical Surveillance SystemDefence

OSS Full Form In Information and Communication Technology

In Information and Communication Technology, OSS stands for Operations Support Systems or Operational Support System, and Open Source Software.

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OSS Full Form | Operations Support System

The full form of OSS is Operations Support System. OSS is a system of computers used by Telecom operators and service providers to make optimum use of their tele-networks. OSS help the Telecom servide providers in maintaining network configurations, managing network inventories and service provisioning.

Before computers became common, all the activities related to Operational Support Systems (OSS), were done manually, but after 1970, this responsibility was put on a computer system, which not only automated the process, but also made it more effecient.\

OSS Full Form | Open Source Software

OSS in ICT also stands for Open Source Software. Open Source Software is that software which can be modified and shared by the people as it is publicly accessible.

The source code of an Open Source Software is available freely in public domain and can be inspected, modified and improved by any person.

Examples of Open Source Softwares are Linux, Mozilla Firefox etc.

OSS Full Form | Operating System Softwares

Another OSS expanded Form is Operating System Software. An Operating System Software is a software that runs a machine. It is very important for managing and operating a computing device like computers, mobiles, smartwatches etc. Without an Operating System software, a machine becomes dead, and remains a useless peice of hardware.

An Operating System Software removes the need for coding in order to interact with the machines.

Examples of Operating System Softwares are Android, Windows etc.

Full Form of OSS In entertainment

In entertainment industry, OSS stands for Opera Schedule Server, which is a database that provides information about the programs and performance schedules of opera companies around the world.

OSS expanded Form In Defence

OSS stands for Optical Surveillance System in Military. OSS is a system of various high resolution optical instruments used by the defence forces in surveillance purposes, like watching the movement of ships in seas etc.

These were some full forms of OSS. We are sure that you will find this article on OSS Full Forms very useful.

FAQs On Full Form of OSS

What is the OSS full form in computers?

The full forms of OSS in computer world are Open Source Code, Operations Support Systems and Operating System Softwares.

What is the full form of OSS in entertainment industry?

In entertainment industry, OSS stands for form is Opera Schedule Server.

What is the full form of OSS in Defence?

OSS stands for Optical Surveillance System in Military. It consists of a variety of high resolution cameras, motion sensors and imaging equipments to trace the movement of target.

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