Low Investment High Profit Business Ideas in Kashmir

In this section, you will get some best business ideas for Kashmir.

They are;

1. Mushroom Farming

This is a very profitable business idea in Kashmir. Everyone loves mushrooms here and they are consumed at one or the other time by each household in Kashmir.

In order to start this business idea, you will require a space of 400 square feet and an initial capital of Rs 20000.

2. Domain Investing

Domain investing is a very profitable business idea that can be started with an initial investment of just Rs 20000.

In domain investing, you buy domains each at around 1000 Rs and then sell them at huge prices, some times upto 1 crore Rs.

To do this, you will have to do some research and find some short brand names, and then sell the same at domain selling sites.

3. Diaper Manufacturing Business

This is also going to be a very profitable business idea. Diapers are used in millions in Kashmir but there is not a single manufacturing unit.

A small diaper manufacturing requires a space of around 600 square feet and an initial investment of 2 Lakh rupees.

If you can provide good quality diapers at affordable prices, then your business will boom in a very short span of time.

4. Gift business

Gifting industry is currently booming in Jammu Kashmir. To start this business you will require an initial investment of 10000Rs and some creativity.

You can also join some course to learn the nitty gritty of gifting business. Initially, you will also have to run an ad campaign to gain some fame & followers.

This is a very high profit and low tidk business.

5. Milk collection

If you are living in a rural area, then this business is a cake walk for you.

Open a milk collection shop and offer your co-villagers a good price to motivate them to sell milk to you. The best way is to give prices in accordance with the lipid content of the milk.

Sell this milk to milk processing companies like Khyber and you will earn a mrgin of about 7 to 8 Rs per litre of milk.

It is among the very low investment and high profit business ideas in Kashmir.

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