[2024] List of Important Days in January & Themes

In this section you will get a list of important days in January and their themes. This list is very important from the examination point of view.

National & International Dates List

1st January66th Foundation Day of DRDO.
1st JanuaryGlobal Family Day.
3rd January.International Mind-Body Wellness Day.
4th January.Braille Day [Birth Anniversary Of Louis Braille].
5th JanuaryNational Bird Day
6th JanuaryWorld Day Of War Orphans.
6th JanuaryMarathi Journalism Day
6th JanuaryBureau of Indian Standards Foundation Day.
8th JanuarySouth African Native National Congress Day.
8th JanuaryEarth Rotation Day
9th JanuaryPravasi Bharati Diwas / NRI day
10th JanuaryWorld Hindi Day
11th JanuaryNational Human Trafficking Awareness Day
11th JanuaryDeath Anniversary Of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
11th to 17th JanuaryNational Road Safety Week.
12th JanuaryNational Youth Day
14th JanuaryArmed Forces Veterans Day.
14th JanuaryInternational Kites Day.
15th January.Indian Army Day.
15th January.Foundation Day Of Indian
Metrological Department
16th January.National Startup Day.
10th to 18th JanuaryStart UP India Innovation Week.
19th JanuaryRaising Day Of National Disaster Response Force
21st JanuaryStatehood Day Of Manipur, Meghalaya & Tripura.
23rd January.Parakram Diwas [Birth Anniversary Of Subash Chandra Bose].
24th January.National Girl Child Day.
24th January.International Education Day.
24th January.Foundation Day Of Uttar Pradesh.
25th January.National Voter’s Day.
25th January.National Tourism Day.
25th January.Statehood Day Of Himachal Pradesh.
26th January.Republic Day.
26th January.International Clean Energy Day.
26th January.Statehood Day Of Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal.
26th January.International Customs Day.
26th January.National Geographic Day.
27th January.International Holocaust Rememberance Day.
28th January.Data Privacy Day.
28th January.Birth Anniversary Of Lala Lajpat Rai.
28th January.K. M Cariappa Anniversary.
30th January.76th Martyrs Day/Saheed Diwas.
30th January.World Neglect Tropical Disease Day.
31st January.International Zebra Day.
Last Sunday Of January.World Leprosy Day

So, this was the list of important days in January along with their themes. Share this article with your friends.

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