Important Committees On Cooperative Societies, Cooperative Movement Committees

Some of the important committees on cooperative societies in India are tabulated below:

Committee NameAppointed ByHeadYear
Working of cooperative credit societiesMadras GovtFredirick Nicholson1892-1895
Law CommissionBritish GovtEdward Law1901-1904
Committee on cooperationBritish GovtE D Maclagen1914-1915
Royal Commission on agricultureGovt of IndiaH Calvert1926-1928
Committee on cooperative progressMadras GovtTown Send1927-1928
Cooperative planning committeeBritish GovtR G Saraiya1945-1946
All India Rural credit survey committeRBIA D Gorwala1951-1954
Cooperative law committeeGOIS T Raja1956
One village one society teamGOIM L Darling1957-1958
Committee on cooperative creditGOIV L Mehta1959-1960
Committee on consumer cooperativesGOIP Nateshan1960
Study team on cooperative trainingGOIS D Mishra1961
Committee on Taccavi loansGOIB P Patel1961-1962
Committee on cooperative adminstrationGOIV Mehta1961-1963
Committee on cooperationGOIR N Mirdha1965
Committee on cooperationGOIDantwala1965
All India Rural credit review committeeRBIB Venkatopaih1966-1969
Banking commissionGOIR C Saraiya1969-1972
National commission on agricultureRBIR N Mirdha1971-1976
Committee on land development bankRBIK Madhavdas1973
Committee on cooperative education and trainingGOIM S Swaminathan1973-1974
Committee on urban cooperative banksRBIMadhavdas1977-1978
CRAFICARDRBIB Sivaraman1979-1981
Agriculture credit review committeeRBIA M Khusro1986-1989
Committee on model cooperative actPlanning CommissisonBrahma Prakash Choudry1990-1991
Committee on cooperative lawGOIArthanareeswaran committee1991-1997
Task force to study cooperative credit systemGOIJagadish Kapoor1999
Expert committee on rural creditNABARDV S Vyas2000-2001
Task force to revive cooperative credit institutionsGOIA Vaidyanathan2004
Task force to revive long term rural cooperative credit structureGOIA Vaidyanathan2005
Committee to examine 3 tier cooperative credit structureRBIPrakash Bakhshi2012-2013
GOI= Govt Of India

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